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“Ha? Well, I guess…”

Indeed, Aguri-san got her face really close to me as I’m going back today. I guess you can call her trying to force me. But that’s…

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“Yeah, I know the details. You were really cold to her, right?”

“Well, …uh, yes.”

I thought she’ll be mad because I hurt her cousin, but Main-san doesn’t look angry. She pressed on calmly.

“Actually, you don’t have much free time right now. Yet, you still encouraged Tasuku Uehara and Agu. …Hey, you’re really gentle, Amako.”

“…What are you saying?”

“By the way, good news, Amako. Agu and Tasuku Uehara got together. Hiya, congrats-“

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“What the hell are you going to say!?”

My impatience reached its limit. I yelled violently at the woman that has a higher status than I do.

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However, Main-san said this with a gentle expression that I’ve never seen before.

“You’re really gentle. Really. I’m not teasing you. Also, you’re the most determined person, at least from all the people I know.”

“What are you saying…?”

“However, that’s why you dealt with ‘it’ brilliantly. Moreover, you gave it a beautiful conclusion. No one understood it. You’re amazing. Well, …at least I can’t do that.”

“What…are you talking about…”

I can clearly feel that my voice is shaking.