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I looked up at the main academy building in front of me.

The foundation was made of white stone.

The roof, which was covered with light navy blue tiles, was as steep as a tower on all four sides. Atmosphere of dignity hung over it.

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Luxurious chairs and desks were placed on the terrace.

(…It’s almost like a castle.)

As the three of us were looking up at the elegant academy building, the surroundings became noisy.

「W-Why did they come to White Lily Academy..?」

「And that person is… AllenRodore, who defeated onee-sama.」

「W-Why on earth did they come here?」

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As we were dressed in the uniform of Thousand Blade Academy, it seems to have made us stand out a little.

「Ria, Rose. Let’s go say hello to the director.」

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「I agree.」

After that, I decided to step into White Lily Academy, relying on the enrollment guide that I had read in advance.

As soon as I entered the main academy building in front of me,

「Welcome, Allen… also Ria and Rose, I’m guessing」Idol-san welcomed us.

Idol Luxmaria.

Azure pupils which almost seemed transparent.