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How to make money on the office worker online

I'd rather not do anything unnecessary because my whole body's hurting.

"I did tell you small fry this, that if you follow me I'd take you up to Class A. But that's just me offering you the carrot after the stick. You know about my contract with Class A, don't you? I had no intention of giving it to you guys".

"So you're saying the plan was for you to go to Class A alone?".

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"That's the idea, yeah. There's no way I'd seriously look after my classmates, is there?".

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Surely even Ibuki will be convinced if I say this.

"That's enough, no? Later".

"800 million points".

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"After you handed me your phone yesterday, I seriously contemplated whether or not I should take a look at your points. I thought it wouldn't matter either way so I took a look".

She switched my phone on and pointed the screen at me.

It's the trend in the points over the course of three years that I had drawn up.

"If it's only for one person's sake, 20 million points would've been enough. But what's with this strategy? 800 million is the number of points necessary for all of Class C to rise to Class A, isn't it? Well, I don't think it's possible to save up that much though".

"Stop dreaming. I was just fooling around with that memo".

I forcibly took my phone from Ibuki.

"Hiyori and Kaneda will take the lead from now on. It's still possible as long as Ayanokouji doesn't make a move".

"That's not my point here".

That damn Ibuki. Not a single private point's been transferred. It's completely untouched.

How troublesome.