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“Who would have thought that ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’ would end up like this?”

“If I told others ten days ago that ‘Fantasy Battle Remake’ would be like this, everyone would think that I’m crazy.”

“Especially when compared to Mission and Choice, the difference is even greater!”

“The original humiliation of the domestic games industry was made into a real 3A masterpiece, while the original classic game was made into a pile of sh*t...”

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“This is too interesting! We have the content of the new episode!”

Qiao Liang suddenly realized that even though Fantasy Battle Remake was lousy and fed him a huge mouthful of sh*t, it also provided him with perfect material!

If ‘Mission and Choice’ was going to become a masterpiece. It was not enough to rely on itself but also on his peers.

What could be more exciting than stepping on the former masterpiece, ‘Fantasy Battle’ to ascend to the altar?

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Qiao Liang suddenly felt inspired and immediately began writing a new video proposal!

April 15th, Sunday 8 AM.

Pei Qian looked at the computer screen blankly, his right hand stiffly rolling the mouse wheel and clicking the mouse as he browsed the web page.

He did not sleep well last night because the news about Mission and Choice and the Fantasy Battle Remake was all over the internet, giving him a very heavy blow.

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Pei Qian tossed and turned in bed for the entire night. He heard the terrifying comments online the moment he closed his eyes.

“Mission and Choice beat Fantasy Battle Remake!”

“Life is full of ups and downs!”

“The humiliation of the domestic games has become it’s light. We have to buy it all!”