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Internet WeChat make money slogan

“Eh, Little man!”

“Stay back, Sadiz!”

From here on… I chose for myself. And yet I can’t have Sadiz helping me right away.

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Besides, I had already predicted that this might happen “three months ago”.

“???ē??????????ū???????????ū??…… Short-Distance Transfer Magik, 【MÕMCHËRÎ】!!”

I was swallowed by the black vortex generated by the activation of her Heraldic Eye and ancient magic, and Jamdi’el entered it herself.


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“Older brother!””

“Big brother!”.

Everyone shouts in confusion at the sudden occurrence.

Their voices were soon cut off by the movement of space.

And we stood face to face on the beach, which we often came upon.

『Child, a drink?』