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“Earth… Gu!?”

I just shook off his clinging hand and put the last blow to my defenseless father’s face.

It was either what I said, or that he was surprised at being attacked, that my fist connected with my father’s face, which would usually not happen.

The face of my father, who I hit for the first time in my life.

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Rather than being refreshed, I just felt worse.

“Hiro!? Earth…… wait, Earth! Please, calm down!”

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My mother, who was taking care of Sadiz, cried in tears.

But as if to drown out that cry……

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“Hey, that guy! He hit Hiro!?!?”

“Stupid, to hit your own parent… What a guy!”

“Fallen to the point he would sink so low!”

“Domestic violence?! I can’t stand it anymore!”

“Somebody, get that trash!”

Again…I heard a terrible noise…

“Ah, Earth! What… Sir Hiro… Anyway, now…”