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“Then why didn’t you call out sooner!? Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been!?”


Having seemingly recalled something hard to swallow, Shinohara began to tremble even more than before.

With this, Ike must’ve understood that she wasn’t hiding due to ill-intentions.

“K-Komiya-kun and Kinosh*ta-san, where are they!?”

“They’re both seriously injured at the bottom of the slope, what the hell happened to them?”

If her fellow group members had simply tripped and fallen down the slope, then Shinohara would’ve been frantic about trying to get down and help them.

However, given that she didn’t do that and chose to single-mindedly hide in the bushes instead, something was definitely amiss here.

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She turned pale upon hearing that they were seriously injured, and after a moment, she opened her trembling lips.

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“I-I couldn’t move… I was scared, so scared… a-and… I saw…”

“You saw? Saw what?”

“…Komiya-kun and Kinosh*ta-san… Somebody… I saw somebody push them off…”