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At the end of their gazes, were the prisoners.

An old man with a very likeable smile on his face.

A middle-aged man who kept grumbling about something against the wall.

A young woman who just silently kept hitting the glass.

How do I put this… It was a very eerie atmosphere.

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「Don’t make too much eye contact. You’ll get pulled in.」

Clown-san gave a single piece of advice, paying no heed to the prisoners’ existence, and just went straight down the passage.

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Following his example, we tried not to look at the prisoners.

After walking for a while, Clown-san stopped in front of a certain cell.

「Well, we’re here.」

There was a man being held there.

He was probably in his late thirties.

With a giant frame of nearly two meters.

Swept back, short dark blue hair

He had a high brow, an intimidating eye and a large mouth – a scruffy beard on his beast-like wild face.

Wearing a black and white bordered prison uniform.