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“I don’t think it’s a distance that can’t be recovered.”

That was a stronger answer than before.

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“She doesn’t look that similar to him, but she really is Horikita-senpai’s little sister!”

Vice President Kiriyama, who had remained silent up until now, spoke to Nagumo.

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“I’m kind of comfortable calling you Horikita. I may have referred to you with that already but I’ll call you Suzune from now on, okay?”

“Do as you wish.”

“I was troubled since the only member in the student council from the 2nd year was just Honami.”

Through his direct questions, Nagumo came to understand Horikita’s true thoughts, and agreed to let her join the student council.

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Then Nagumo left his seat and walked towards the standing Horikita, stretching out his left hand.

Horikita gripped Nagumo’s hand head-on.

“Welcome to the student council. From today onward, I want you to work for me as a member of the council without any worries, Suzune.”

“Of course.”

“As a congratulations for joining, I’ll tell you something interesting. The past presidents of the student council have always graduated in Class A. Remember that and work towards a higher goal.”

Nagumo said to Horikita, who was currently in Class D, as if to motivate her.