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He rejected a path straight towards victory in rom-com. A miraculous event of being invited to the club by a cute girl. He refused that because of some stupid difference in their gaming styles.

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This introverted, cowardly, teenage boy then met a girl who’s the exact replica of him. However, when they met for the first time, they immediately started fighting each other over their opinion of gaming.

…To put it simply, he’s a guy with a slightly weird temper.

But he’s definitely not those light-novel protagonist with “Amazing gaming skills!” or “He’s talented at that type of game!” or even “He’s way more experienced in gaming than others!” He has none of that.

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Even so, unbelievably, when it comes to the love of gaming, he did process a part that surprised everyone.

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Also, it’s because of Keita Amano having a personality like this.

That’s why he became friends with me…Tasuku Uehara.

That’s why he became the boyfriend of the school idol Karen Tendou.

That’s why he even got his so-called rival, Chiaki Hoshinomori, to fall in love with him.

Everything’s caused by Keita Amano having a love of gaming at the bottom of his heart.

That’s supposed to be true…

…That’s supposed to be true…

“However, …a guy like that gave up his favorite game because of his friend’s girl, that’s a big problem!”

Late at night, …in my bed alone, I wrapped my hands around my head and bitterly vexed.

I knew that Amano had a close relationship with my girlfriend Aguri a long time ago. While I’m not sure of the exact reason, but they seem to have befriended each other and started making love inquiries, thereby kept on meeting.

Of course, I’m not too comfortable with it since I’m Aguri’s boyfriend. For a period, I’m getting a burning sensation of jealousy when I’m suspecting whether they’re cheating behind me.