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The good thing was that Yan Qi had also worked overtime over the weekend. He had witnessed the entire bizarre process. Only then could the testing team wash away their wrongs.

Yan Qi was also very puzzled. Do even bugs take the weekend off?

You even chose the time to visit me?

That did not make sense!

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However, on further thought, he had actually given up science and lowered his head to metaphysics the moment he decided to move the testing team into this building.

Since he had chosen metaphysics, it did not seem that unacceptable for him to not work on weekends.

After all, the only rule of metaphysics was that there was no specific rule.

“Everyone, work hard. We’ll only work for half a day this weekend. If we still can’t find any bugs after Saturday morning, we’ll rest for the weekend,” Yan Qi said.

The game had already been developed. There were only bugs left. Working overtime was also to rush the development process.

What was the point of working overtime if no bugs could be found? They might as well take a break.

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Everyone immediately shouted, “Boss Yan is awesome!”

It might be a small company that did not make very good games and could not avoid overtime like other games companies in the industry but most employees still thought that Yan Qi was a good boss.

He could not compare to Tengda’s Boss Pei, but compared to the other bosses of mobile games companies, Yan Qi still had a conscience.

Yan Qi felt much more at ease seeing that the testing team had found more bugs.

He was still worried over the weekend. What if it was really metaphysics and would not work this week? What would he do then?

Wouldn’t it be a waste of money to rent these work desks?

Now that the bug had appeared again, he could finally relax.

Yan Qi continued with his work.

Last weekend, when he had worked overtime, he had learned about recent hot topics. There was still a lot of information worth paying attention to.