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On the other hand, the Swordsman of the Storm continued to play the good tradition of eating four lanes per person. Everything that could be seen on the map was eaten clean like a mad dog.

There were two assistants and two tools in the team after all. In reality, four of them were protecting one.

Finally, after eating all of his monsters, the Storm Swordsman returned to the city and took out another huge piece of equipment.

The entire team’s finances were almost all concentrated on it, directly facing the opposite jungler with one and a half pieces of equipment!

On the other hand, FRY’s finances were distributed to people in the middle and bottom lanes. They were all in the range of a few hundred to a thousand yuan. They could only produce a small piece and not enough for a qualitative change.

This time, FV did not avoid the battle anymore. They directly formed a team and entered the opponent’s jungle with great fanfare. They ate whatever monsters they saw and did not miss any map resources.

That was because they had determined that the key equipment for the Storm Swordsman was out. They were in the lead and could try to take out the team!

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FRY’s jungler shouted anxiously, “The opponent has entered my jungle, come and help me!”

FRY’s mid-laner was furious when he saw FV acting like that. “Our finances are about the same, why are they acting like that! Fight them!”

The support was a little hesitant. “Can we fight? The Storm Swordsman’s equipment is too good.”

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The top-laner decisively said, “We have to fight! I don’t want to lose like the first game! The other party’s finances are all on the Storm Swordsman. We can win as long as we restrict him!”

The entire FRY team was furious.

That was because they had lost the competition because they had been too focused on stability and had let go of the entire jungle in the first round. They had felt too cowardly.

However, speaking of which, they might not be able to win the first round because FV’s team strength was higher than theirs and their vision was better.

However, both parties’ economies were obviously equal in the current situation. FV’s vision was not advantageous either. What right did they have to invade so openly? Did they not treat us as humans?